NW Creative Resurfacing specializes in concrete floor waterproofing. Waterproofing your concrete floors prevents leeks and mold development.

Leeks and mold development infiltrate concrete cracks and destroy everything in due time.

According to the Washington State Department of Health, "Mold enters your home as tiny spores. The spores need moisture to begin growing, digesting and destroying."

To prevent mold from entering your living space, have your basement professionally sealed by NW Creative Resurfacing. We can assess and analyze your concrete floors.

Concrete Waterproofing: How it’s done

We diamond grind the existing paint off the concrete floor. Our grinders are hooked up to Hepa filtered vacuums for a dustless application.

Then, we epoxy off what paint is left and use a high solid, polyurethane sealer over that. The process eliminates VOC’s and toxic smells.

The results produce a perfectly polished concrete looking basement floor that is sealed and waterproofed.

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